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Mandelbrot Animations

AVI Movies

Welcome to the Mandelbrot animations page. I've started replacing the animated GIFs with AVIs as they alow longer and higher quility animations from smaller files.

1 Animation This movie contains nearly 1000 frames and shows scenes along the line (0, 0, 0.32, 0.545) to (0, 0.985, 0.32, 0.545).
2 Animation I think this movie is quite spectacular, it shows waves of spiral patterns washing over one of the tangental circles, in views parallel to the Mandelbrot Plane along the line (0, 0, −0.0033, 0.6380) to (0.2995, 0,−0.0033, 0.6380). 600 frames, 24 seconds @ 25 frames per second.
3 Animation Zooming in on the point (0, 0, 0.27322626, 0.595153338) from the perspective of the Mandelbrot plane.
4 Animation Another zoom into the Mandelbrot plane. This time we are at (-0.15550494345, 0.65017043818), deep into "Seahorse Vally".
5 Animation This one is centred on (-0.3006818,0.6600910). The movie starts off zoomed in by about 28 billion and zooms out until the whole Mandelbrot set is revealed.

Animated GIFs

These animations are created by first generating a sequence of bitmaps using the code on the Mandelbrot page, converting them to GIFs (using Paintshop Pro) and then using the GIF animator to combine them.

Some of these examples are quite small and jumpy to keep the file size down. With the code you can create much smoother and more detailed ones, though you'll need a lot of time and disc space.


Zooming in on (0.42661603, 0.217772923)

This is a smaller animation as the frame size is only 320x240. The file size is about 3.5MB.


An animation zooming in on the point (-1.2583585, 0.3821136), demonstrating the star colouring algorithm.

Click here for another 'Stars' animation.


Three animations showing the effects of varying Z0 in the Mandelbrot image.

Increasing Z0 along the imaginary axis

Increasing Z0 along the real axis.

Detail showing the fate of the mini-Mandelbrot around c = (-1.775,0)

The file sizes are respectively 500KB, 650KB and 1.1MB. The third one has many more frames than the other two and shows some interesting effects. High resolution images of some of the frames can be seen on the Mandelbrot Code page.


Another series generated by varying Z0 in the Mandelbrot set. This starts at

python mandelbrotdriver.py -tM -i500 -c(-1.748366,0.003) -z(0,0.2570) -s400x320 -fv02570 -m500

and increments Z0 by (0,0.0002) up to

python mandelbrotdriver.py -tM -i500 -c(-1.748368,0.003) -z(0,0.2660) -s400x320 -fv02660 -m500

(c) John Whitehouse 2011