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This page contains liks to videos on YouTube generated using the applications on this site


These videos have been generated from the animations you can create on the Spirograph page.


Affine Transformations

The Affine Transformations page allows you to generate fractals like these by combining two transforms in a random sequence. The picture is generated by combining multiple sequences generated from random seeds. The video shows the pattern building up as the sequences are added.

Mandelbrot Orbits

The Mandelbrot Complexity page shows the variety of orbits that can be taken by a starting point in the mandelbrot iteration. This video shows how the orbit changes as the starting point travels around a circle.


The Circles page shows patterns that can be generated by zooming into the contours of the equation z = k × (x2 + y2). The animation is created by varying k.

Newton Raphson

See the Newton Fractal where you can create you own animations like these.


Shape packing

See the Shape packing page where you can explore lots of other shape combinations.


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