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This section documents my experiments with SVG, Javascript and the <canvas> element to create interactive graphics. Click on one of the images below to visit the corresponding section.

This page uses javascript create spirograph patterns which can also be animated.
Spirograph Evolution: Allows you to use directed evolution to explore spirograph space and focus in on the patterns you like.
This puzzle looks like a cube but the operations on it are more in line with those of an octahedron.
This "cube" starts of cubical but doesn't stay that way for long. The operations available change with the shape.
Forest Fire: Uses Javascript to implement a cellular automaton that simulates a forest fire, rendered using the canvas element. The fire propagation parameters can be changed interactively.
This page shows patterns in the sequences of the remainders when dividing powers of one prime number by another or the sum of two prime powers by a third.
My first attempt at combining SVG and javascipt, so it is rather basic. It allows you to interactively draw polygons and stars.

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