Spirograph Applets

Evolving Pattern Applets

All evolving pattern applets use the same applet class - EvolvingPatternApplet. The particular pattern type displayed is selected by setting the type in the parameter tag, eg

<applet code="EvolvingPatternApplet" width="600" height="400">
<param name="type" value="Spirograph">
; ...

They all have the same user interface described here .

Static Spirographs

This draws spirograph like patterns. It is capable of drawing all the patterns of the plastic wheels plus many more. There are a number of different ways of drawing the patterns as well as the standard continuous line.

Example Output

Animated Spirographs

This draws spirographs like the previous applet but now the drawing is animated so that you can see how the pattern is built up. There are fewer drawing modes as some of the static ones (especially the filled one) don't lend themselves to animation.

Javascript Spirographs

This uses nothing more than HTML and Javascript to draw spirograph like patterns.