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Welcome to my site.

This is where I showcase the various images I've created over the years pursuing my hobby of using maths to create patterns. Wherever possible I've tried to provide explanations of how the patterns are generated and in some cases I've provided source code that you can download and adapt. My recent explorations include combining SVG (Scalable vector graphics), Javascript and HTML5 into interactive pages.

The site also contains some photos from some of my holidays, artwork by my brother and the fruits of my brother's butterfly hunting around the United Kingdon and in the West Indies.

Please Enjoy
John (eddaardvark@yahoo.co.uk)


May 2014: Replaced the old Java Forest fire applet with one a new one written in Javascript and using the HTML5 canvas control.

March 2014: Updated the SVG page with a Rubik's cube variant simulator. Also contains a fully interactive Spirograph drawing aplication.

March 2014: Neil's Cathedral Game.

December 2013 / January 2014: Updated the Sudoku pages with a new interactive solver and a Sudoku creator, both written in Javascript. The eariler python scripts are still available.

November 2013: Updated the javascript maze programme. This is implemented entirly in Javascript, so it should function in most browsers. You can download the javascript files and create your own mazes. The most recent addition is a spell casting system. Currently the only spell implemented is "Path", which you can use to find things within the maze.

April 2013: Updated the native client page with a new interactive Newton-Raphson fractal generator.

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Neil's Section

Updated on 18th October 2011

  • Neil's British Butterfly Photos: this section has been completely overhauled to include Neil's 2011 photos and to ease navigation.
  • Neil's Index Page, gateway to Neil's fountains in London and Butterfly photos.
  • Artwork: These pages contains a selection of artwork mostly by my brother Neil, but also a few doodles by me and some poems by various people

Holiday Photos

Holiday Snaps The image on the left shows the domes of the Eden project (as they were in 2005). Click here or on the image to see the rest of my Holiday Photos.


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